Use Flash CS5 to Publish Apps for the PlayBook

Since BlackBerry is giving away a BlackBerry Playbook to developers who submit a qualifying app to the BlackBerry App World, I thought it was high time to show how to make an app using Flash Professional.


This tutorial shows how to turn a Flash Professional project into an app for the Blackberry Playbook and then test it in the BlackBerry Playbook Simulator. Steps include installing the Blackberry SDK for AIR as well as the Blackberry Playbook Simulator. Here are the files you’ll need to download the following:


Once you’ve created an -app.xml and a swf file of your project, you’ll then need to package it into a .bar file, which is BlackBerry’s app format. Here are those steps on a Mac:

  1. Open a Terminal window (Applications > Utilities > Terminal)
  2. Using the Terminal window type in the following and hit enter: cd desktop
  3. Confirm that the following are on your desktop:
    • BlackberrySDK folder
    • BoardroomBingo.swf and -BoardroomBingo-app.xml
    • icons folder with icons: icon48.png, icon72.png, icon36.png
  4. Using the Terminal window, point to the blackberry-airpackager and package up all files (listed above) into a file.  Launch the bar file on the Playbook Simulator (-device

ptranis-MacBook-Pro:~ ptrani$ BlackberrySDK/bin/blackberry-airpackager -package -installApp -launchApp BoardroomBingo-app.xml BoardroomBingo.swf icons/icon48.png icons/icon72.png icons/icon36.png  -device -password johnson

Thanks to Renaun Erickson for his post on this process.


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  2. echo December 8, 2010

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